The 5% Less programme in Wandsworth on 150 patients demonstrated real results over eight, 15-minute sessions with a HLA:

150 patients who completed > 4 sessions in Wandsworth:
Weight loss – Avg 2.1kg; Max 15kg.
78% lost weight

Of these 150, 61 completed 8 sessions:
Weight loss – Avg 3.7kg; Max 13.8kg.
92% lost weight

  • Designed by specialists
  • Delivered by specialists
  • Follows national guidance and that of obesity experts
  • On-going virtual support from a trained professional
  • Flexible delivery, e.g. one-to-one / Group sessions
  • Bespoke programmes, whatever you want
  • The book has been professionally developed and designed to help motivate the participant through every session.

Michelle's success story

Michelle was 85kg and had tried most commercially available programmes over the past 20 years, finding the weight soon piled on the minute the 'diet' was over.  

With blood pressure increasing and a family history of heart disease, she tried the 5% Less programme. Michelle found the directed support and helpful guide book enabled her to shed the weight.

Two years later Michelle has lost a healthy 5% of her weight and has continued with the lifestyle changes that were set during her time on our programme.

The extra energy discovered with a change in diet and loss of weight together with an improvement in self confidence has encouraged her to do more activity and has added zumba classes to her weekly activity programme which is triggering the next phase of weight loss.

“I learnt a great deal and feel the sessions with advisor made me realise that I needed to change my lifestyle and not just go on a diet! It is the best approach to weight management I have experienced (and I have experienced a lot!)”