The success of 5% Less is in it's multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

GP - Dr Seth Rankin

GP and Clinical Lead


Dr Seth Rankin

Seth is the founder of 5% Less, drawing together bodies of evidence and research to develop effective long-term weight management solutions.

Dr Rankin began developing this innovative general practice based solution to our obesity epidemic via practice based commissioning. He is the managing partner in a rapidly growing Southwest London practice. He trained in Auckland, New Zealand and worked there and in Australia before coming to London in 1998. Initially he worked for International SOS providing medical assistance to patients around the world then joined the NHS in 2003 by doing his MRCGP in Tottenham, North London. He enjoys finding innovative and effective ways to manage our health resources and believes that excellence in patient experience and more integration is the key to cost-effective healthcare.

Dietitian - Kristen Clarke

HPC Registered Dietitian / Programme Designer

BCaps, Human Nutrition (Distinction), PgDipDiet

Kristen Clarke

Kristen has been a registered dietitian in the field of weight management for over 9 years.  Her roles have been within the private and public sector with a combination of preventative and therapeutic dietary intervention working with individuals and at an acute and community level; and including those on all types of pharmacotherapy for obesity management and undergoing Bariatric surgery.

During this time Kristen has met hundreds of individuals who have been struggling with their weight year after year who have invested hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds and a lot of time and energy into weight management programmes that work for a while and until the weight returns when they resume a 'normal diet'. This has driven Kristen's passion for developing a cost effective weight management programme that is not another fad diet, but has been proved to be effective in reducing weight and keeping it off!  Piloting this programme in 2008-2011 within the diverse southwest london borough of Wandsworth is evidence of this success!

CBT Therapist - Tara McCloskey

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Bsc, PG Cert, PG Diploma in Evidence Based CBT.

Tara McCloskey

Tara is a qualified CBT Therapist and works in Psychology for the NHS. She has been practicing CBT for 4 years working with a range of disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. Within the presentations of these different disorders she has also worked with food addictions and varying presentations of Eating disorders. CBT has become increasingly recognised as an effective approach for motivating weight loss and maintenance through relapse prevention.

Physical Trainer - Jamie Newland

Jamie Newland

Weight Loss Music Workouts is the brainchild of award winning weight loss coaches Jamie Newland and Joseph Hanney who have a combined 20 years in the weight loss and fitness industry, Weight Loss Music Workouts was developed through research, feedback and with the developing modern work/life balance in mind. Our successful busy clients wanted a workout that fitted into their busy lifestyle but they demanded results too, we made this possible with us and know without us, the program design and music is essential to this. Weight Loss Music Workouts is a fusion of different aspects, scientifically proven research, bespoke designed music and expert program design.

They have partnered with 5% Less to provide a complimentary approach to the programme that will maximize the chance of sustained weight loss.

Find out more at weightlossmusicworkouts.com

Personal Trainer - Mohamed Gakou

Mohamed Gakou

Commercial company?

Overweight employees cost your business up to £11,000 per year. Our professionals can run 1:1 sessions with clear goal settings to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

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Live in or near London?

5% Less offers a private patient service from our HQ in Wandsworth. A bespoke solution designed and delivered by our GP's, Dietitians and Psychologists.

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