Interactive, on-going support

At the heart of our programme is an interactive
Guidebook. An experienced Dietitian also
provides unlimited virtual, interactive support.

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The guidebook walks participants through key information to help lose weight, prompting them to set weekly goals which will be reviewed at the next session. The emphasis is not on calorie counting, weighing food portions or setting unrealistic weight loss goals but is instead focused on positive long term changes. The dedicated Dietitian is there to provide support and guidance.

The programme is designed to fit within an individual's life to improve quality of life that still allows for enjoyment of 'a little of what you like'. Within each session physical activity will be addressed so that for everyone, no matter what your mobility and motivation levels are, you will be able to discuss an achievable goal to work towards that will help you lose weight and improve the health of your heart and lungs.

In 8 steps, the aim is to go beyond temporarily changing
the waistline and sustainably change lifestyle behaviour
over the long term.

Rather than focus on calorie restriction, the programme provides simple and easy to adopt rules that address practical aspects of the individuals lifestyle - from how they commute to work to where they shop - producing a cumulative effect from many small, easy to adopt changes.

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