If you don't lose weight,
you don't lose money!

Add years to your life by losing just 5% weight.

  • 20% decrease in mortality
  • blood pressure decrease 10mmHg
  • 15% decrease in cholesterol
  • 30% reduction in risk of diabetes
  • increase self-esteem and motivation

Br Med Bull (1997) 53 (2): 307-321

Continuing contact with a well-motivated and trained multidisciplinary health team is the key to long-term success.

We have adapted our successful NHS programme to be delivered to private clients. A team of GP's, Dietitians, Physical Trainer and Cognitive Behavioural Therapists provide 1:1 sessions at relevant times throughout the programme to achieve sustained weight-loss.

Call or email us to arrange a FREE no obligations 'goals and expectations' setting with Dr Seth Rankin to design a programme for your needs.

The 5% Less programme
is structured accordingly:

78% keep the weight off following our programme.

  • A health MOT with a GP
  • 8 sessions with a Dietitian to work through the guide-book
  • 2 sessions with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to develop ways to break the addictive nature of eating
  • A one-hour session with a Physical Trainer to develop an exercise programme for your needs
  • Summary session with a GP
  • UNLIMITED virtual support from a Dietitian throughout the programme (valid for 4 months)
  • UNLIMITED virtual support from your Physical Trainer on the programme developed for you

Price List

  • £495 for 8 sessions with a Dietitian, 2 with a GP,
    1 with a CBT Therapist and 1 with a Physical Trainer.
  • If you want additional sessions with anyone of our professionals then these are available on a cost per session basis.

Please contact us to arrange for one of our GP's or Dietitians to call you back to arrange your no obligations session.

*Clients only qualify if they attend all of the sessions within 4 months.