5% Less offers GPs an evidence-based weight management programme, giving you the chance to commission your own weight management solution for your patients.

The programme has been developed by a Dietitian and GP. Its success has been proven in NHS Wandsworth where it has reduced weight in 78% of patients over an 18 month period. It was so well received by both patients and staff it continues to be the core of the community weight management services within Wandsworth borough.

What we can offer:
We set up the programme; training Healthy Lifestyle Advisors sourced from your practice to deliver the programme to your patients with support from our training manual to ensure consistency in delivery. Patients receive the wonderful Healthy Lifestyle Guide to refer to, giving them a visual aid which supports the information delivered throughout the sessions helping to motivate and educate.

Key stats:

  • Waist circumference reduction was achieved in 84%.
  • 15% were from hard to reach BME populations who are statistically at more risk of health problems from obesity.
  • Statistically significant improvement in reported physical and mental health post programme.
  • 99% of patients rated the Quality as either 'excellent' (68%) or 'good'.
  • Attendance rates at both the 1:1 (85%) and group sessions (70%) were much higher than commercial programmes.
  • Statistically significant improvement in mental and physical health.

NHS Professionals will always get the Healthy Lifestyle Guide at Cost. Please click here for your copy.

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What we can offer:

A complete weight management service:
We set up a GP based weight management service including:

  • All the administration and ongoing management according to our agreed goals.
  • From your existing staff we can source and train Healthy Lifestyle Advisors to deliver the programme, e.g. Healthcare Assistants.
  • Training, on-going support and mentoring of Healthy Lifestyle Advisors.
  • A training manual to support Healthy Lifestyle Advisors, ensuring consistency in delivery of information.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Guide for every patient which helps them to visualise information delivered throughout the programme and beyond.

Reasons for success:

  • Delivered primarily in GP's so a trusted environment.
  • A pragmatic, generalist approach to weight management.
  • Long-term follow up to maximise weight-loss maintenance.
  • Consistency for patients in seeing the same Healthy Lifestyle Advisor.
  • Early identification of patients in primary care thereby reducing the secondary care commissioning costs for GPs.
  • Individuals are provided with education specific to their dietary requirements or preferences.

The benefits:

Inexpensive solution

  • Using inexpensive staff-Healthy Lifestyle Advisors are sourced from your existing staff, for example Healthcare Assistants.
  • Using existing estate already paid for by the PCT / Consortium.
  • Sustainable outcomes for patients.
  • Not requiring expensive premises as the programme is delivered on site.

Designed to be delivered via GP surgeries

  • Utilising the trust that patients have in their GP.
  • Giving GPs easy access to a trusted and effective resource for their overweight patients.
  • Reduced travel time and cost to patients, enhancing patient satisfaction.
  • Reduced waiting times compared to traditional NHS dietetic services (if services are available locally).
  • Provides an additional GP service thereby improving patient satisfaction.