Overweight employees cost your business over £11,000 per year

An organisation's biggest asset is its staff and its success or failure is dependent upon them. Consequently its biggest liability is also its staff, especially if they are OVERWEIGHT leading to more sickness, and lost productivity when at work.

Business costs of employees being overweight

  • Obese employees take an additional four days off per year (Harvey et al., 2010) which equates to an additional £1007 per year, that's over £2900!!
  • Obesity impairs employee work productivity by 11-15% (Rodbard et al., 2009), which, in wasted salary alone equates to £4500 per year (average direct costs of £30,000) – true costs could be as much as £11,610 to your business when productivity rates are factored in.

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Employee benefits of losing weight

Our Unique Selling Point is in the skills of our highly experienced NHS team who recognise that problems with obesity are often psychological in nature and that sustained support is required to help change habits.



  • Increased self-esteem
  • Better energy levels
  • Increased self-motivation


  • Blood pressure reduction (10mmHg decrease)
  • 20% reduction in mortality
  • 30-40% decrease in diabetes/cancer related deaths

(Ref: Clinical Obesity in Adults & Children, 3rd Edition. Edited by Peter G Kopelman, Ian D Caterson and William H Dietz. 2010 Blackwell Publishing)

What we can do for you

Dr Seth Rankin (GP founder of 5% Less) says “5% Less have the evidence of developing long-term weight loss solutions for individuals and vast NHS knowledge and skills to significantly reduce employee absenteeism, regardless of the size of your business … can you afford not to contact us??”

1:1 sessions

  • Our success in working directly with individuals is to address the way they think about eating and food
  • Goals are set (for example, to report better self-motivation) and agreed with the individual and approved by the line manager
  • 12 weekly sessions lasting 20-30-minutes, either during or after working hours – whichever you prefer
  • 8 with a Dietitian using our Healthy Lifestyle Guide as a reference source
  • 2 with a GP, at the start and end of the course
  • 1 with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to look at the underlying reasons for wight gain
  • 1 with a Physical Trainer who will design a bespoke conditioning programme

Expert advice to line managers

  • To provide the right support to employees.

Pay us based on our success

At the end of the 8 sessions, if the employee has lost weight our fee is £495.

If the employee doesn't lose weight but does achieve other goals (for example, having less sick days) then our fee is £245.

Group sessions

  • Group sessions are typically for up to 10 participants and the entire package of sessions and ongoing support is only £250 per participant.