5% Less offers a structured, evidenced based healthy lifestyle programme for Dietitians wanting to help their patients successfully lose weight.

Developed by a Dietitian and GP, the programme is simple, sensible and easy to follow, and is based around eight sessions over which key information to aid weight loss can be delivered.

Its success has been proven in NHS Wandsworth where it has reduced weight in 78% of patients over an 18 month period. It was so well received by both patients and staff it continues to be the core of the community weight management services within Wandsworth borough.

Key stats:

  • Waist circumference reduction was achieved in 84%.
  • 15% were from hard-to reach BME populations who are statistically at more risk of health problems from obesity.
  • Statistically significant improvement in reported physical and mental health post programme.
  • 99% of patients rated the Quality as either 'excellent' (68%) or 'good'.
  • Attendance rates at both the 1:1 (85%) and group sessions (70%) were much higher than commercial programmes.

NHS Professionals will always get the Healthy Lifestyle Guide at Cost. Please click here for your copy.

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What we can offer:

  • A cost-effective, evidence based programme to help reduce the burden of overweight and obesity within your community.
  • Full training of staff delivering the program to patients using the training manual which ensures understanding and consistency in programme delivery.
  • The wonderful Healthy Lifestyle Guide:
    • Can be given to patients, enabling them to visualise advice, helping to motivate and educate.
    • Provide you with a structure for clinics to ensure all of the important aspects of weight loss are covered.

What the Healthy Lifestyle
Guidebook covers:

Please don't hesitate to ask us anything about what we hope to achieve and why. We are delighted to share our passion and experience.

Wishing your population a healthy weight...